Saturday, May 28, 2011

Make Up Rules to Makeover Yourself !!

To do makeup is a great art, in today’s era make up is at its peek. But doing makeup is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you do make up with more care and manner you get the best result and your face look very pretty and charming. But if makeup is done in urgency, it causes to make you horrible instead of beautiful. So here you are gonna find some essential rules to follow in makeup for best results.
•First of all you must keep clean your dressing table from unwanted material that can cause dividing your attention, while doing makeup. Without concentration on makeup you can’t get the best results.

•Avoid using fake material and be aware of your cosmetics status either it’s not expired. It can harm your face skin.

•Good health is very imperative in looking good. So always be in the pink by using best diet plan. Without good health you can’t look gorgeous even having the best makeup.

•Urgency in makeup is harmful for the skin so never be in rush as doing make up.
•Never let other ladies use your makeup kit or hair brush etc, as it transfers Germs and be risky for the skin.

•For better results always have the makeup alike with your dress color.

•Make up must be done in bright light.

•Always wash your face with good quality soap or face wash before starting make up. Otherwise face will look weird and skin will seem spoil.

•Make up instruments must be kept hygienic, particularly brushes.

•When you start makeup, keep your brain washed from all the nervousness and stress. Most of the ladies have the worst makeup only due to anxiety or worries. And be every one’s eye apple. It’s also an important rule of makeup to be tension free. You must keep blush on, lipstick and powder in the purse to handle the emergency situation.

Every work has some rules and regulations, if they do followed, must succeed. Like that make up also has some laws to follow. Hope to keep in mind in all above pointed points to have a great and stunning make up.

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