Monday, August 23, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 WINNER: Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete

LAS VEGAS -- A 22-year-old Mexican woman has won the Miss Universe pageant after donning a flowing red gown and telling an audience it's important to teach kids family values.

Jimena Navarrete of Guadalajara was first to answer an interview question Monday night and the last of 83 contestants standing in the headline-grabbing pageant on the Las Vegas Strip.

Her one-strap gown flowed behind her like a sheet as she walked. Earlier, she smiled in a violet bikini as she confidently strutted across the stage


Thursday, August 19, 2010

True Colors For Women Of Color

Women of color have often felt ignored by cosmetics companies. Many ethnic women have had trouble finding foundation and makeup colors that are flattering . DARK SKIN WOMEN usually have sensitive, oily skin that scars easily. Products that are powdery can look ashy and chalky on darker complexions, and pink pigmented products are unflattering to ethnic skintones.

In the beginning, there was Fashion Fair. Founded in 1973 and aimed at African-American and Carribean women, it offered darker colors, not available at the time. It is still around, and can be purchased at a handful of stores across the country. The line seems a bit old-fashioned to me. There is a skincare line that includes bleaching cream and oil reduction products. Color choices are conservative, and I could not find a product with a sunscreen (we should all wear sunscreen) . Still, it is a no-frills line for dark- skinned women.

In 1994, fashion model Iman, tired of mixing her own colors and formulas, started her own cosmetics line. I-man is geared to all women of color, and it really succeeds in its goal. It is a line with multi-cultural appeal, and no unnecessary products. She has pared it down to a wonderful range of essentials.

The products are creamy, and blend well. I like the pressed powder, which leaves a dewy finish. The skincare line is excellent. I recommend Hydrator SPF 15, and Drench, a rich but light moisturizer

Iman has two websites. is her personal site with info about the products, and her makeup philosophy. It projects the image of a funky urban drama queen, fitting for the wife of David Bowie.

 Her line can be purchased at, a very user-friendly site with descriptions of all the items, and easy checkout.

For women who want a large line with many flattering color options, I suggest Nars, and MAC. Nars has dark lipsticks in lovely shades of brown and burgundy available at and at major department stores. 

MAC uses women of color as models.
Go to for store locations.

Women of color now have more options, as companies realize the potential of a powerful consumer base. Ideally, cosmetics companies should consider the ethnic market. Most women are willing to pay for quality products and good service, especially if the products are tailored to her needs.

 A woman of color wants to feel welcome at the cosmetics counter. Consultants should be aware of her needs, and the company should feature ethnic faces in their advertising.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to do burlesque makeup

 :: Sexy Pinup Makeup Looks ::

Let's make one thing clear: burlesque dancers are not strippers, the main differences between them boiling down to their technique (subtelty versus audacity) and their makeup. While a stripper is all about the bleached hair and teeth and way too much tan, the burlesque dancer like Dita Von Teese is typically pale and dark-haired with ample hips and a modest bosom. Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Missy Elliott, Mya and Pink broke out the pasties and burlesque makeup for their feisty remake of Lady Marmalade.

Wanna be a burlesque queen for a day? Try on burlesque makeup.

Evoke a sexy, retro era by way of cat-like eye makeup, brick red lips and undulating waves. Use a lip liner to create a rounded or pointed cupid's bow (add definition by drawing just outside the lines with a flesh-toned concealer pencil).

Bear in mind that the burlesque star's skin has a paler, more powdery finish than the average gal and a faux mole drawn under the eye lends a sexy touch. A heavier foundation will help you achieve this look and you can forgo bronzer for a pressed translucent powder.

Select a snow-white or gold shadow for the lid, and rim the top and bottom lashes with black liquid liner, extended a few millimeters beyond the outer corners. Add dimension with a dark shadow applied in the crease and blend well with a contouring eye shadow brush. A brow pencil a few shades darker than your natural hair will make your arches appear more defined. Brow stencils can be used to help you create symmetry. Oh, and those lashes? Rock falsies galore.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sex And The City 2 - Makeup

How to do your make-up like SATC2

 As a very , very , very faithful LOVER/FAN of the show , the characters , the music , the trends and the movies of - SEX AND THE CITY -  i'd like to share my suggestions of their looks

Sarah Jessica Parker "The Carrie"Look

Eyes: Copy Carrie's metallic-blue smokey eyes by applying gray-blue shadow all over your lid, then dipping a flathead eyeliner brush in classic black liquid eyeliner (brick brown or plum if you have green eyes) and push it into the lashline. Use the same deep shadow to define your crease.

Lips: A shade of warm, pinkish nude flatters all. For a sophisticated look, skip liner and gloss and increase the staying power of your lipstck by dustng it with loose powder in between your first and second layer of color.


Cynthia Nixon "The Miranda" Look

Eyes: Layering your eye liner with varying fromulations (pencil, powder, then liquid) will give it staying power and make your features pop if you have light strawberry blonde hair. Opt for brown or burgandy rather than harsh black for day.

Lips: For day or evening, a nude pink will warm up your complexion and keep the emphasis on smoky eyes.

Kim Cattrall "The Samantha" Look

Face: Take years off your face by mixing a touch of moisturizer and liquid highlighter with your foundation. Moisturizer keeps foundation from setting in fine lines while highlighter reflects light and casts an angelic glow.

Lashes: Apply individual lashes from the middle of the eye (above the iris) to the outer corner. Curl with a lash curler and follow with three coats of black mascara. Liner is optional.

Kristin Davis "The Charlotte" Look

Lashes: Apply individual lashes at the outer corners fo the eyes to elongate them and give them a "smiling effect." Use a lash curler for extra oomph and follow with the three coats of black mascara-or blue to brighten the whites of your eyes.

Cheeks: Try a liquid blush for a dewy, natural looking effect. A soft pink applied to the apples of the cheeks imparts and enivably youthful look.



Thursday, August 5, 2010


Last week i had an appointment with three girls ( three misses of some international beauty contest ) of course i knew some of them . . . but as i was developing the MASTER CLASS i noticed this particularity
they just LOOOOOVED smoke their eyes !!

I freakin' love to see girls wearing hot and enticing - SMOKEY EYES - but the pro way . . . it isn't just to grab the carbon matte eyeshadow and and buffer your eyes up !!

There are a lot of dark eyes shadows to improve the way you guys can get it even if you apply your eyeshadows with finger tips.

To get perfect DARK EYES 3D you can also mix 6 different colours ( my favourites BLACK TIED - CLUB - CONTRAST - BEAUTY MARKED - GREENSMOKE - PARFAIT AMOUR @ M·A·C

 a lot of textures: shadesticks , pigments and glittz

and shapes such as slanted smokey eyes


 this eyechart i made for you explains better the picture below using contrast (crease) and club (eyelid) instead of carbon matte eyeshadow



this other eyechart explains how to make them look bigger and not only using the carbon eyeshadow but applying beauty marked / greensmoke (crease)

you can try this at home and drench yourself with new ideas and let the hottest color combinations turn yout SMOKEY EYES into ENTINCING EYES !!

let's remember this song of VENGABOYS - BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM and enjoy the beat and memories of course . . . but please do noooot . . . copy her smokey eyes !!

hahahaha !!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


High Fashion Wedding Makeup
Makeup ideas for a formal wedding by Rah Mansouri

Couture wedding gown? Check. All you need is the high fashion wedding makeup and hairstyle to go with it. While some women desire a romantic, naturally flushed look on their wedding day, others hope for piercing smoky eyes and slicked back hair to set a fashion forward mood that's decidedly Parisian. It's your day: consider the aisle your very own runway and pull out all the stops. A high fashion makeup look is bold and perfect for a festive black tie affair attended by a handful of your most fashionable friends. Mix and match these tips as you wish for a highly personalized look or try on high fashion wedding makeup with a bridal makeup test !!

Dark Eyes 3D - Light Lips

Smoky eye makeup and light baby lips look unabashedly de rigeur paired with a couture wedding dress. Achieve the makeup look shown here with three eye shadows: snow white, ultra noir and a plummy charcoal.

Begin with a firm eyeshadow brush, using it to darken your lid from lashline to crease with the black color, then blend the shadow outward at the outer corner of each eye with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. To soften and smoke up the look, follow with charcoal plum shadow, applied on top and blended into the crease.

Your makeup inspiration should come from the sexy feline shape Megan Fox eyes for example. Highlight your brow bone with snow white shadow. Finish with copious amounts of black eyeliner and faux lashes. To score maximum drama, opt for light blue or amethyst contact lenses.

Diamond-inspired wedding makeup shines as the look du jour. Try an icy cool lip gloss that goes on pearly white and tastes like peppermint to make your wedding kisses exceptionally sweet.

Light Eyes - Dark Lips 3D

You can also create drama with a dark crimson pout and light eye makeup. Color washing is key to this high fashion makeup look. Start by applying the same snow white shadow from lashline to crease, blending it out toward the brow bone (instead of white eye shadow you can use lemon yellow as shown below). Line your lashes by pulling the lid taught and pushing a flathead eyeliner brush, dipped in black eye shadow, into the roots of the lashes. Keep your brows light (you can opt to comb them with a tinted gel a few shades lighter than your natural brows). Layer your lashes with black mascara. On lips, go for bold in a crimson lip color with a touch of diamond gloss for high shine.