Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to do burlesque makeup

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Let's make one thing clear: burlesque dancers are not strippers, the main differences between them boiling down to their technique (subtelty versus audacity) and their makeup. While a stripper is all about the bleached hair and teeth and way too much tan, the burlesque dancer like Dita Von Teese is typically pale and dark-haired with ample hips and a modest bosom. Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Missy Elliott, Mya and Pink broke out the pasties and burlesque makeup for their feisty remake of Lady Marmalade.

Wanna be a burlesque queen for a day? Try on burlesque makeup.

Evoke a sexy, retro era by way of cat-like eye makeup, brick red lips and undulating waves. Use a lip liner to create a rounded or pointed cupid's bow (add definition by drawing just outside the lines with a flesh-toned concealer pencil).

Bear in mind that the burlesque star's skin has a paler, more powdery finish than the average gal and a faux mole drawn under the eye lends a sexy touch. A heavier foundation will help you achieve this look and you can forgo bronzer for a pressed translucent powder.

Select a snow-white or gold shadow for the lid, and rim the top and bottom lashes with black liquid liner, extended a few millimeters beyond the outer corners. Add dimension with a dark shadow applied in the crease and blend well with a contouring eye shadow brush. A brow pencil a few shades darker than your natural hair will make your arches appear more defined. Brow stencils can be used to help you create symmetry. Oh, and those lashes? Rock falsies galore.


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