Friday, December 28, 2012

Summer #MakeUpTips #2013

 Along beautifying a woman, summer makeup tips also aim to reduce sun rays exposure to face and keep up beauty secret of a woman.

Along beautifying a woman, summer makeup tips also aim to reduce sun rays exposure to face. In summer, makeup does not stay too long. Summer makeup tips help woman to keep makeup stuck for whole day and look fresh and beautiful day long.

Summer makeup tips mentioned here will help you maintain makeup during hot summer day and keep up your beauty secret with latest cosmetics available in market.

Applying foundation in summer

Use sheer makeup in summer to let your skin keep humidity blocked in but breathing as well with an SPF factor of 15. The foundation so applied on hot days must be seasonal along a light sun block moisturizer. Skin tone turns darker in summer that’s why makeup foundation for summer must be according to that.  First apply cream or SPF moisturizer over face then use liquid foundation, it assures makeup staying power on face even in hottest days.

Applying powder in summer

In summer, powder and foundation seem so heavy on face thus for a fresher and lighter feel use damp sponge to apply makeup base. But use bronzing translucent powder after foundation to get a radiant skin look and lighter feel. Also, apply a little concealer under eyes to enhance your beauty and style in summer.

Summer eye makeup

Neutral and lighter shades are perfect for eye makeup in summer. Try to use shimmery and simpler eye shadows on eye lids as such beige, golden, light brown, yellow and silver but give proper touch to eye lashes. Apply lighter coat of mascara on eye lashes during day but little bit thick coat for evening. Use eyeliner pencil of appealing colors as such slate gray, black, chocolate or aqua. It makes your eyes naturally wide and broad.

Applying lipstick in summer

Lipstick is tough to stick on in summer days as it gets faded as the day passes. One of the summer makeup tips is to keep your lipstick intact. Apply a coat of powder on your lips before applying lipstick as it sticks to powder and stays on lips day long. The festive lipstick colors going trendy this summer are frosted pinks, golden lip glows and shimmery fuchsias.