Thursday, August 5, 2010


Last week i had an appointment with three girls ( three misses of some international beauty contest ) of course i knew some of them . . . but as i was developing the MASTER CLASS i noticed this particularity
they just LOOOOOVED smoke their eyes !!

I freakin' love to see girls wearing hot and enticing - SMOKEY EYES - but the pro way . . . it isn't just to grab the carbon matte eyeshadow and and buffer your eyes up !!

There are a lot of dark eyes shadows to improve the way you guys can get it even if you apply your eyeshadows with finger tips.

To get perfect DARK EYES 3D you can also mix 6 different colours ( my favourites BLACK TIED - CLUB - CONTRAST - BEAUTY MARKED - GREENSMOKE - PARFAIT AMOUR @ M·A·C

 a lot of textures: shadesticks , pigments and glittz

and shapes such as slanted smokey eyes


 this eyechart i made for you explains better the picture below using contrast (crease) and club (eyelid) instead of carbon matte eyeshadow



this other eyechart explains how to make them look bigger and not only using the carbon eyeshadow but applying beauty marked / greensmoke (crease)

you can try this at home and drench yourself with new ideas and let the hottest color combinations turn yout SMOKEY EYES into ENTINCING EYES !!

let's remember this song of VENGABOYS - BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM and enjoy the beat and memories of course . . . but please do noooot . . . copy her smokey eyes !!

hahahaha !!

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