Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sexy Lipstick Trend 2010

The hottest lipstick of 2010

The sexiest lipsticks of the year are nude-that is, just a shade lighter than your natural lip color with a hint of golden pink that gives your entire face Venus goddess allure. For a luscious plump look, you can add a touch of gold gloss to the center of your lower lip. Your lips will look as appetizing as juicy, ripe fruit!

To get the true color of nude lipstick to show up, tone down the natural color in your lips by slicking on a touch of liquid foundation or concealer with your finger (keep lips moisturized so they don't look cracked or chapped). Apply lipstick with a lip brush for precision application-this will also allow you to layer the color without disrupting the layer of foundation you just applied. Of course, you'll want to think twice before employing this trick before a date, as you never want to taste chalky for a potential first kiss.

Pair the season's new nude lips with powder bronzer with light brown or golden undertones. Presto! You're looking sun-kissed in a sexy, effortless kind of way that pairs well with wavy hair.

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